Hint: it’s pronounced like tubby without the t, like Sith with a J.

Published in Southern Review Spring 2022!

Abhijith is a new writer whose fiction has appeared in The Southern Review, Glimmer Train Stories, the Chicago Tribune, and Jaggery Lit. He was a Finalist in the Tribune’s 2019 Nelson Algren Short Story Award.

He is currently working on a debut collection of short stories and a novel!

Hinduism in America was never well-represented or analyzed in the stories Abhijith read, so he writes fiction and nonfiction to fill that gap. He also blogs for fun (newer entries on Medium) and writes op-eds.

E-mail: abhirav92@gmail.com

Abhijith was born in India, grew up in Dallas, TX, and studied History and Business Honors at UT Austin. He also completed a Master’s degree in Theology at Harvard, focusing on Hinduism. Abhijith now lives in Atlanta, working in consulting (reluctantly) while writing his novel.

He is also the Founder and former CEO of a non-profit South Asian mental health organization called MannMukti. (All views expressed on this website are personal views and do not constitute any statements on behalf of MannMukti.)