Hint: it’s pronounced like tubby without the t, like Sith with a J.

Abhijith is a new writer and his fiction has appeared in Glimmer Train Stories and the Chicago Tribune. He was a Finalist in the Tribune’s 2019 Nelson Algren Short Story Award. He has also been published in campus magazines at Harvard.

He is currently working on a debut collection of short stories and a novel!

Hinduism in America was never well-represented or analyzed in the stories Abhijith read, so he writes fiction and nonfiction to fill that gap. He also blogs for fun and writes op-eds.

E-mail: abhirav92@gmail.com

Abhijith was born in India, grew up in Dallas, TX, and studied History and Business Honors at UT Austin. He worked as a management consultant, and is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Theology at Harvard, focusing on Hinduism.

He is also the Founder and CEO of a non-profit South Asian mental health organization called MannMukti. Follow them on Facebook! (All views expressed on this website are personal views and do not constitute any statements on behalf of MannMukti.)